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St.Margaret’s is the Parish church of Aspley, in the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. We serve a parish of approximately 12,000 people living on the West side of the City of Nottingham, in the East Midlands of the United Kingdom.


St.Margaret’s is a lively and dynamic community of people who are at all stages of life and spirituality. Some church members have worshipped here since the church was built and can remember all seven previous Vicars!





Others have joined in the last few months and are quickly settling into our shared life of worship.


Some church members have a deep knowledge and experience of the Christian faith and others are exploring the questions of life and what it all means.


St.Margaret’s is a Charismatic Evangelical Anglican church – which means…

Charismatic – we are open to and experience the work of God by His Holy Spirit in our lives and worship together; in fact we have an expectation that God will work in our lives in the same ways we read about in the New Testament. We believe that the Holy Spirit gives us gifts for the benefit of the church, and works in our lives to bear fruit.


Evangelical – The bible is God’s inspired Word and the truth shown there is truth to live by. We seek to put into practice all the bible teaches concerning an authentic Christian life, acknowledging the need of God’s grace and mercy in doing so.


Anglican – we are part of the Church of England and play our part in serving this community in Jesus name. As an Anglican church our worship is shaped by liturgies and seasons but our style is relaxed and informal. 



An active community.

St.Margaret’s believes that everyone can make a contribution to the worshipping life of the church. From the youngest to the oldest, the most able to those with physical restrictions, those with honours degrees to those with a certificate for swimming a width – everyone matters and everyone is valued. Some of our members simply enjoy the chance to worship, listen and pray. Others serve by preaching and leading services, playing musical instruments or serving in practical ways. All are welcomed and all are treated with respect.


A caring community.

Jesus told his disciples to love one another. The disciples repeated it in turn to the new churches in the first century of Christian Faith. We remind each other of this command and realise that Jesus repeated it often – because He knew it a hard thing to do. We are growing in our understanding of what it means to love one another and are learning to put this into practice in deeds as well as words. One new member recently commented that she was wonderfully welcomed, made to feel at home and already feels part of the church family.


The church on the Lane – why we were built here.

St.Margaret’s was built to serve the new communities created on the outskirts of Nottingham by city development in the 1920’s and 30’s. Consecrated in 1936, there are still a few church members who have attended worship here for the whole of the churches life. (construction picture)


The building of the church was funded by the Christian Businessman John Dane Player and his wife Margaret and their friend Sophia Welch.


Many of the community worked for John Player (the cigarette manufacture) who provided a church, sports club and other facilities for his workforce. These days we may have a very different attitude to the industry John Player was in – but back in the 20’s and 30’s there was no suspicion attached to smoking, in fact it was a social norm. What is not in doubt is the sincerity of the gift that made the building of the church possible.


Built for the community, St.Margaret’s continues to serve the community and seeks to reach out with the love of God and good news of Jesus Christ.


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