St.Margaret’s is the Parish church of Aspley, in the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham.


We serve a parish of approximately 14,000 people living on the West side of the City of Nottingham, in the East Midlands of the United Kingdom.

We are a lively and dynamic community of people who are at all stages of life and spirituality. Some church members have worshipped here since the church was built, others have joined in the last few months; all are welcome.
Baptism Weddings and Funerals at the Parish Church.  

Which is My Parish? 


The Church of England divides up the whole country into Parishes which means everybody has their own Parish church. Of course you can worship in any church you feel at home, but when it comes to special services knowing which is your parish church and what can be arranged is important. You can check which Parish you live in by clicking this link and entering your postcode.






Adults and children are baptised in their own parish church or the church they regularly attend and where they are on the electoral role (membership roll of the church).



Funerals are conducted at the parish church where the deceased lived in the parish (or lived in the parish for the majority of their lives) or the deceased attended the church for a significant period of their lives. Clergy will conduct funerals at the crematorium if family prefer.  

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