Under One Roof

This project began in September 2010 when the church council (PCC) took the decision to become a sustainable church and remodel the buildings so that all facilities were under one roof.

For nearly 80 years St. Margaret's has been at the heart of the local community. 

Alongside our worship life, we provide uniformed organisations for young people and space for a whole variety of community activity as well as for our neighbouring Bluecoat Academy.

Our two church halls have been used by every section of the community from dance groups, the canine training group, fuchsia society, drama groups, slimming groups and many more. 

They are frequently used by individuals and families for parties and gatherings after weddings, baptisms and funerals. 

We now need to replace these ageing facilities and transform the vast space inside the church to provide all that's needed.

Our aim is to have everything we and the community need "under one roof". 
We also want the building to be sustainable for future generations. 

Our desire is to have a community building that is used for worship and all the life celebrations that churches conduct, but also welcomes everyone needing activity halls, meeting rooms and spaces for the multitude of events a community holds. 

The use of Solar Power will provide the energy to heat the whole building so that it's used by everyone all of the time - not just the church for a few hours per week. The sustainability is not just a building or the energy we create, but sustaining and supporting a whole community.

The long term aim being to make our church sustainable, with the ultimate aim of becoming carbon neutral. 

We hope our plans will equip the Church for the next 80 years.

The "all under one roof" scheme will provide the church and community with all the facilities they require inside the church building. The two halls we own currently will be demolished ( the waste recycled as part of the redevelopment) and the area will be re-modelled to provide additional parking and some landscaped areas. Earlier plans to re-use the land for housing have been discarded in favour of increasing the car park capacity, keeping cars off the road.

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